Time For The Sackcloth and Ashes

I almost couldn’t believe it. While in a store, minding my own business buying some underwear, the news announces the backpedaling damage control that the latest bull issued by Pat Robertson has necessitated.

He has completely crossed the line now. There is no excuse or rationalization that I will care to make for Robertson or anything he has to say, now.

He no longer speaks for Christians as a group. He no longer represents evangelicals, because, most importantly, he has moved away from the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all wish someone dead at some time or another… most of us fail in our anger that way at some point. But we recognize it as failure, as sin, as needing repentence.

Bring out the sackcloth and ashes, since he has no shame to say such things, we need some humility and shame to repent for them, ourselves….

Let this be a warning to all Christians. We need to learn how to bridle our tongues and speak with wisdom and circumspection.
“I don’t know about this doctrine of assassination”-Pat Robertson.
Well, Mr. , you ought to know….. you ought to know before broadcasting it.

7 thoughts on “Time For The Sackcloth and Ashes”

  1. I was just so aghast when I heard it, Imean really…how is it different than the Muslim jihad? Another example of a Christian standing there and just gutting himself in public……

    But we better call him on it. Maybe it will serve as a warning to some of these loose cannons. Think so?

  2. Ilona, I don’t know how this could have happened. I totally agree with you. He must be repudiated publicly.

    This is very disturbing. I’m praying for him, but I don’t think that he can be lightly forgiven by God for this one. How many people will never seek for truth because of his words?

    Nor is it just Robertson. In so many churches the social/group thing has exalted itself above the word and the spirit of God.

  3. I was disgusted when I heard him claiming that he didn’t necessarily mean assassination. His Monday comments were unambiguous.

    If he had said “I’m entitled to my opinion, buzz off”, I would have felt supportive of him even though I disagreed with his statements. But he actually claimed not to have meant what he clearly said. He is either addled or he has lost respect for honesty and truth. Either way he is now ruined as a voice for the Christian community. And perhaps it’s better late than never…

  4. Disgust is the exact response.

    “he is now ruined as a voice for the Christian community”

    that is my take, too… it will be awhile before that sinks in the Media community… they are so used to using him for soundbites.

  5. MoM, perhaps a correction is taking place. Sometimes we don’t take something seriously enough until we see the consequence. Pat Robertson has shown the consequence of taking God’s Word lightly and making man’s opinion too heavily weighted.

    Perhaps we -as a group- may become just that more wide awake? Here’s hoping.

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