Time To Face the “Peaceful Religion”

It is too early to know whether this is Islamism at work and whether we may expect more of this on our own shores, but we know this is common modus operandi in some Middle Eastern nations. New Jersey family murdered.

Christians may be called upon to test their mettle in this nation, as in those that have historically persecuted Christians. I spoke with a friend in times past that I think the main conflict we will see in this postmodern world is one of religions in conflict.

We are right to want to downplay incendiary rhetoric that inflames prejudices. Yet, there is a tendency to dismiss flags of warning and clear signs of evil intent.

Any Islam that enjoins any jihad is an enemy. A deadly enemy. We ignore that to our own folly. O Praying Christians, where are you?

Here is a paradox: the more living sacrifices there are, the less unwilling sacrifices.