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Nothing important.
I put the moon cycles in my calender because I like the way it looks, but it is useful, too. You know when to look for werewolves and weirdly off kilter doings amongst the masses. Really . There’s research on that… the likelihood of going mental, that is. Usually at full moon. Funny how that is. Lunacy as a word has some etymology along that line.

Always have to look up that word…just so I don’t say the insect word, and then have it come to me later and obsessively edit.

The stock market went down quite a bit on the inflation news.

I won’t be posting for a day or so…. not that I have much of an audience from the numbers… but I had been working on something to do with culture. I’ll give it a fresh look when I come back. It had some interesting things to think about but sort of diversified too much. I just haven’t had the mindset to do the hard work on it. If you are going to look at Muslim culture and Black American culture and other points, you need to really marshall all your thinking faculties. Plus there are things about the Jacksonians ( white American culture ) to wonder about. After saying all this … it might just get too unwieldly, sometimes you have to face your own capacity to encompass the topic. Although that never stopped me before. I have in my favor that I do not consider myself a pundit or maven…

Where am I going you say? To my mom’s. We are in the midst of remodeling to enable her to move in with us. Wow, it is work. LOTS of work. Of course, I am trying the herculean task of managing my clutter. Of course I am…..

I am taking some of the plans up there and doing the family visit thing because it looks like the time schedule is longer than anticipated. Old House People, Mushroom Factor People, Murphy’s Law People all said:”Of course it is!” HA!

This is the last major project I do on this house. I am completely disenchanted with remodeling…. after what? about twenty eight years of it. And I am still married to the (sometimes foot dragging) remodeler. And he to me. Which I suppose is the more amazing of the two facts…but maybe not, given his passive aggressive tendencies. We play off each other so well- with my hostile base.
But obviously we have had our good times or we wouldn’t still be married…. or have our ten kids….

Ok, I have taken this blog out of its realm. When I get back I will probably remove this post and put it in WtoW where it belongs. In the meantime let’s wallow, before I do the culture thing and then resume the homebirth et al topics.

I kind of like that breastfeeding topic, too. I am sold on the importance of breastfeeding, and I don’t think American women, for all their exposure to information and ‘open society’ illusion know very much about the subject. Except the ones in the mommy culture who are informed about such things, and we be a minority I think.

Enough. Signing off…until I obsesssively get up in th enight and can’t sleep and can’t stay away from the blog….. any bettors out there?

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  1. Pretty upbeat, although the reality fo downsizing her life interms of belongins is starting to sink in. I think that is a hard emotional adjustment for her. But she’s pretty pragmatic.

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