To Whom It May Concern

You probably don’t care, and I will probably offend you, but when London was hit with a terrorist attack yesterday, and when people are suffering, and it is too close to what happened on September 11th only a few short years ago…. I am in no mood to read “funstuff”. I don’t want silly movie quotes. I don’t want obsessing on the minutiae of life.

Forgive me, but it adds to my heaviness and it even makes me angry… a little bit. I just don’t understand. Not everyone needs to comment, that is not even wanted, but a moderation of the frivolity, I guess I feel that is appropriate.

And I realize…that is just me. But perhaps that is what people do to manage the impossible? For the band to play on as the Titanic is sinking.

I guess I thought some of us had space in the lifeboats and few extra preservers on hand…..