Todays Thoughts

My posting today was limited to my garden journal and “Happy Thoughts”. For something here I wanted to share a post from Debra at As I See It Now. she wrote on something that actualy made me cry a little. I struggled against my inept housekeeping and my diverted fascinations with the “beauty” of everything all of my married life. No one appreciated it, and I have tried and tried to change. Sometimes with more success than other times. I appreciated the grace and lovely thoughts for today, maybe you will, too.
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Your House May Be Cooler Than You Thought

Here is an excerpt from what I call, My Favorite Essay of All-Time. I came across this in Victoria magazine when Naomi was only 8, and it forever changed how I viewed my house on ‘messy days.’ May it do the same for you,…..

…..There’s no company cleanup or company manners or company anything else in such houses, and yet you feel more honored, more privileged to be present than in any other house. What you see is what you get~~and what you get is the real person.

Nothing is sacred in such houses. There are treasured objects, to be sure; nothing is ever thrown away because the owners have a fierce, almost mystical, attachment to objects. But the house itself is not sacrosanct. No one worries about whether the value of the house will go down if a door is cut in a wall.

There’s often a lot of unfinished work visible in such houses~~quilts that were never completed, pictures that were never matted, additions that are still being worked on three years later~~because the kind of people who live in such houses care more about the process than the product.

The overwhelming feeling such houses give is a feeling of richness. They are the opposite of all that’s … careful and calculating. They impart the joyous, generous sense of there being lots and lots and lots more where that came from.

~Other People’s Houses By Nancy Eberle