Tripping the Light Fantastic

***warnng****I don’t really know what that means.

But tripping along I stumbled upon scribbles.Scribble,SCRIBBLE scribble scribblescribblescribble.
scriiitchhhhhhh…… she furiously scribbled about “Division of Labor” on 12/05/04. and I had a thought while reading…. if during your courtship time you hear a beautiful scenario of life as a picnic, I suppose it would ruin the mood to ask the hard questions like “Who makes the food? Who packs the basket? Who is in charge of the cleanup? who buys the stuff? Can it be afforded? who works to afford it”?

just stuff like that. but then you wouldn’t feel all sweet and tingly. Maybe that is why they have such crummy things to say about marriage…. it is such a shock that those things actually need addressing and they actually will come out of the mouth of the beloved. Well, the more practical beloved.

I think there is something to be said for the old type of vows… particularly if discussion emphasis covers the worst case scenarios. Like what if you are in it for worse? And what connotates “worse”? And what kind of worse is not in the contract?
I say beatings are never in the contract and that those would make null all obligations of the other party.
In case it is not obvious: I liked the ‘scribbles’ sight, and enjoyed thoughts to think about….


Flitting along with butterflies, I found someone else commenting on the metaphysical implications of earthquakes and other such phenomenom. Just in bigger words than I use. And from a very different view than I would ever ascribe to….. the comfort of nothingness and chance? I don’t think such a person has really thought things out. But nebulous thoughts are comfortable for the… comfortable. Those at leisure to observe events rather than those actually caught in them…..

Hooboy. that could get me started on Sodom and Gomorrah, but I don’t have any time left. I can’t really live on my keyboard. To turn a phrase…man must live by more than bytes alone….

That was bad…hey I know that was bad…. but it was fun >;P

I wasn’t as sure that I liked the ‘butterflies’ site, but the timeframe for exploration wasn’t ideal.