Truth Or Dare

Sometimes these blogs are like playing truth or dare, ever thought of that? You sometimes feel that when you wade into a subject you are risking things… I know I’m not the only one to think that way because I’ve seen many bloggers lament how they censor themselves. They didn’t intend to, but then they found that they were concerned that their blog audience just couldn’t take all sides of them, or their thoughts.

I suppose we all feel that way in interacting, but in RL we are constantly checking in with the physical responses or audio assurances that the other person is still with us ( if we care, and most of us do to somepoint or another). We aren’t afforded that online.

Every once in awhile I wade into it…. although I rarely do on politics. I don’t know why…. I just don’t like politics much. I am backed into almost every stance I take politically. The present set of posts makes me feel I am wading into it , what, I’m not sure.

Maxed Out Mama brought up some things and I wanted to think about them a bit more, so I might write on the subject, Sanctuary, Left-Right, Cultural shift, again.

She wrote Them vs. Us and referenced this Buzzflash interview.

So. Are we in a Holy War? Who defined the terms to begin with? Can you see the places where the Left is offended in their Civitas Code? Is theirs different from the Right’s? How is secularism changing us? Things like that.

As I commented on her blog, I think that the Buzzflash article got one thing right, we are in a Holy War, but not because we originated it or its terms. I think that when Islamists wage it and you resist and maintain your right to exist and practice your beliefs…. you are engaged in Holy War whether you like it or not.

Those are the terms of the engagement. You pick up the guantlet, then you are in for the fight. That is what I think.

But the real questions for us are the internal ones, and that is what I’d like to look at once I thread through the different things that are being said. I’m adding in North Western Winds post on ‘Divison’, because I am thinking about things in context of some of those thoughts, also.