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Anglosphere post of the day: Today’s Daily Telegraph editorial page sets out “Ten core values of the British identity.” Here’s the Cliff Notes version:

I. The rule of law.
II. The sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament.
III. The pluralist state.
IV. Personal freedom.
V. Private property.
VI. Institutions.
VII. The family.
VIII. History.
IX. The English-speaking world.
X. The British character.


Man, isn’t Howard Dean the gift that keeps on giving or what? Here’s the latest from the Democrat jefe in regards of the Kelo decision:

“The president and his right-wing Supreme Court think it is ‘okay’ to have the government take your house if they feel like putting a hotel where your house is.”

First off, until O’Connor just announced her retirement, GWB hadn’t nominated anybody to SCOTUS. Second, the Three Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse, Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist, joined by O’Connor, opposed the decision. It was the liberal justices, Souter (English for “Gonzales”), Ginsberg, Breyer, Stevens, and Kennedy, that believed it was fine for a local gov’t to seize private property

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  1. A day after the Kelo decision was delivered, Freestar Media LLC submitted a proposal in the town of Weare, New Hampshire where majority opinion writer, Justice Souter, owns a farm house. They requested that the town board condemn the land and give it to them, as private developers, who promise to construct the Lost Liberty Hotel in its place. Their tax revenue would no doubt be higher than the reported $2,500 that Justice Souter paid in property taxes last year. It would create employment and attract tourism. The town has a website, and an economic development committee, which has identified its two main goals: 1) Encourage the formation of new businesses, and 2) Promote tourism. However, contrary to its stated goals and the legally sanctioned purpose of economic development, the town’s board turned down the proposal.

    So much for poetic justice. Justice Souter’s influence in his community shielded him from his own ruling. No other rational justification can be found.

    Thankfully, the legislative branch is now busy at work attempting to shield private property rights from the Supreme Court ruling. It seems that the two may have switched roles, with the House defending the Constitution, and the Supreme Court writing new laws.

    I thought I saw Alice the other day! Or maybe it was Justice Souter –skipping in Wonderland, immune to and above the laws he passes.

  2. I confess. Howard Dean is as much of as a deranged ninny as everyone thought he was. Kudos to the voters of Iowa.

    This is offensive. Misunderstandings and misinterpretations are one thing. Blatant lies are another.

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