UK ID Cards

UK Identity Cards – The Case Against

I am proud of Britain’s history as a supporter of individual freedom. ID Cards threaten that great British tradition and I will argue against them at every opportunity. I do this as a British citizen who cares about his country.

The terrorists want to destroy our way of life. If our response to terrorism is to panic and give away the civil liberties we hold dear then the terrorists will have won.

Supporters of ID cards often begin by asking “What’s wrong with them them?” or “What are you afraid of?”. In doing so they are attempting to shift the burden of proof.

We do not currently have compulsory ID Cards and have not needed them for fifty years. The arguments in favour of ID Cards keep changing as one after another is discredited. This scheme is not safe, it is not sane and it is not consensual.

It is not up to me to defend the status quo – it is up to those who wish to fundamentally change our society by imposing ID Cards on us to prove their case.

This they have failed to do. -Trevor Mendham

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