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Northeast Intelligence Network

Sean Osborne, Military Affairs and Senior Analyst


Sean Osborne
Military Affairs and Senior Analyst
The Northeast Intelligence Network

Friday 22 July 2005

The following report has been corroborated by a high ranking US military source. This report states in essence that a USAF B1-B Lancer, a long-range strategic bomber, was targeted for shoot down by three suspected Islamic terrorists one week ago at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The terrorists were forced to abort their mission when run off by alert USAF Security.

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The fact is the British government knew who Jamaican Al Qaeda terrorist and homicide bomber Lindsey “Jamal” Germaine was long ago – since 1994. They knew he was involved in terrorist circles and had the American FBI monitor him and his movements closely while Germaine was visiting his relatives in Cleveland, Ohio U.S. in the year 2000.

Germaine was on a so-called terrorist “Watch List” until he miraculously engaged the “Al Qaeda stealth device” and cloaked himself into oblivion until March 2004 when he was linked to an Al Qaeda plot involving 1,300 pounds of ammonium nitrate explosive found in central London. The “stealth device” apparently was re-engaged and Germaine disappeared once again until the morning of July 7, 2005 which he disengaged the device while on board a train which had just departed from the Kings Cross station.

I also note that there are no mainstream British media reports about what the director of Israeli intelligence, Meir Dagan has to say with repect to analysis of the explosive residue form the London subway

Cleveland…now that’s close to home….

After the last London bomb attempt I am personally convinced that there are prayer cells throughout the UK where Christians are beseeching God, and God is listening. You may have your own explanations of why the terrorist plan went wrong, and why many of the plots are foiled. I think we are recepients of far more grace and God’s delivering power than we have any idea.