Visited a Grumpy Girl

Today I was on for awhile, came across Grumpy Girls rant on how America is going to the dogs, I mean fundamentalist Christians. I think fundamentalist Christian is what was meant….after reading the comments. I left a typo marred comment.

How can someone have history drummed into them and still get it wrong?

The short answer is because sometimes the names change. The longer answer involves evolution of political trends and policies. Still, I find it really hard to believe that they really swallow their own propaganda that the ‘Christian Right’ is their powerful Great Satan. Lurking to eat their babies and mob them on the streets.

Really, do you think that the large contingent of Christians who advocate Israel’s right to exist, and defend peoples rights to practice their religion are a band of Nazi’s? Do you think they hate Jews? Is that why the Islamic countries are so enraged over America’s and Christians outspoken support of Israel’s Sovereign right to be a safe country?

Grumpy Girl wants to know when Eastern European Jews knew when to leave the flood of murderous anti-Semitism. Many didn’t . And many did not have a place to go. This was a shameful situation. This is one reason I believe Israel must retain its existance.

But I also want the USA to be safe for all Jews and for all those who love freedom to live and worship as they believe….even the secular way of the atheist. To make the Evangelical Christian out as your enemy is just plain mistaken.

Want to discuss?

5 thoughts on “Visited a Grumpy Girl”

  1. perhaps you’d like to tell me where i got wrong what was drummed into me?

    frankly, while your sentiments toward what america can be, or is, are very noble, i resent the fact that you’ve taken an entire blog posting to slam my ideals.

    you’ve brought bad manners into my house, and now i guess i’ve brought them right back at you.

  2. harmless: I had to lol-it’s true! thanks for the compliment.
    dear grumpy, au contraire…. I don’t consider comments bad manners at all. I don’t think I slammed your ideals…unless by that you mean castigating Christians about things you have no idea as one of your ideals.

    I took an entire blog posting to express something I feel is important.

  3. grumpygirl, I would quibble with that due to the semantics in your post, but my familiarity with the topic helped me deduce your meaning.

    HOWEVER, even if I should limit the problem to castigation of fundamentalist Christians, is that still allright?

    You may think so, but it is inspiring another post…to explore the subject .

    BTW, I appreciate the opportunity you give me to cover the topic… and I think that you are being pretty civil . I have the opinion that you are basically a fair person caught up in the rhetoric of political events . The rhetoric is what I think needs to be addressed.

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