Voting Down The Kelo Decision

I think… I don’t know if it has widespread support, but I think we should have a committed moratorium on all taxes until they rescind Kelo and then restrain the eminent domain takings.

That’s right. Just vote down every single tax that comes up for the vote. Every. Single. One. And if they threaten you that your children won’t have schools…well, if they bulldoze your home, what good is that school system to you and your family? and what good are services if your mom and dads place is bought for token amounts and done away with?

Sure it hurts to vote against your services, but your freedoms should be worth something to you. This will not get changed without a concerted and widespread popular movement against it. And it goes against the grain of those who have identified with Conservatism to think about denying their government anything anymore.

That is the truth…even if no one wants to admit it. Everyone hates to bring up what “Crossing the Rubicon2” so aptly called “the obligatory nazi” reference, but really people, this is the actual attitude that preceded the Nazis: that government had to be obeyed because it was well, …. government. But the government is US! And we should not enslave ourselves to the whims of tyranny. That is what Kelo is essentially. It is the power of tyranny come to your neighborhood.

Are you going to sit by and shrug your shoulders and say “well, there is nothing we can do”?

It is amazing that we have slipped so far in this country.

You will sell your souls now for a bottom line that buys you some schools and nice roads. There are other ways to pay. You don’t have to sell away your rights, liberties, and freedoms- and those of your children.

Beleive me, there are other ways to pay than with your liberties. All of you who just love to watch Mel Gibson play Braveheart… but your own freedom is worth less than your comfort zone as Joe Nice and Quiet Good Citizen. It makes me wonder.

Aren’t you angry about this? Doesn’t it bother you that people get bulldozed for a parking lot? Doesn’t it make any difference to you at all? Will you continue to shop and be entertained at places that represent the destruction of peoples choices and homes?

Welcome to the New America: Not Federal, but Feudal State. And remember not everyone gets to be knight and lady-most of us are just serfs sold with the land.

Say no to the NEA, to the greedy developers,the unscrupulous mayors, commissioners, and to all the destroyers of our liberty , who have absconded with our right to pursuit of happiness. Refuse to vote in their taxes until they change their tactics of ill gotten gain.

3 thoughts on “Voting Down The Kelo Decision”

  1. To be terribly archaic and with quite the wrong accent, right on sister.

    That’s an interesting line of thought you’ve got. Now how to publicise it, there’s the rub.

  2. Blog-linking is a start. ..but the real work is the next time we hit the voting polls:)

    To borrow a catch phrase: Just Do It!

    Show our government we mean it: we want our Consitutional rights kept intact.

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