Want to humble me?

There’s a few of you out there who’d itch for the chance, I daresay. So I came across a post that illustrated the manner and mode perfectly.

Let your goodness shine through.

That’s right. I’ve walked in Pink Kitty’s shoes, online in one instance in particular. I was on a list with numerous pagans. It was sort of an accident how I got there, but some of them loved tromping Christians…and now some of you know how I tend to react to that, BUT… there was one woman, who was very earth-mother type I would say. She was a massage therapist over on the West Coast somewhere… and her gentleness in posting and replying, her view, just floored me. It was so nurturing. It helped me to see the other side and it humbled me. And though I know I still come off harsh, that was one experience that had a lasting effect on me.

Such things touch me to my core.

I have a very different approach, which I will not encumber you with the explanation for here, to what I view as dangerous imbalance to reason, yet, I see that there are real people behind these screens, and no matter how justified I feel to take issue with issues… I am always sorry when there is a personality that is hurt. I try to keep that in mind, but sometimes a post like Kitty’s… reminds me again.

Pink Kitty’s Scratching Post: Are you sure that’s waterproof mascara?

And a special thanks to her friend, Elena,

be a loving and caring person. that always humbles me. It makes me think and change for the better…… and I can try to humble you that way more often, too……

2 thoughts on “Want to humble me?”

  1. I too am humbled to find an open mind from the other side of the spectrum.

    It is an honor to exchange insights with you.


  2. I appreciate those who desire to make the world a better place- even if we disagree on some points we agree on keeping the earth a good green place for posterity.

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