We break for this Important Announcement

Not to alarm you -with people using that form for actual important annoncements, but just because I feel like alerting “the great blogosphere” who I know secretly cares about my blog and has managed to read it without coming up on the stats ( oh you clever hackers, you;)

Yes, as I was saying, I have almost all the lightness and folly out of my system. I will return to serious posts soon. Even if you don’t like it. I just have to have a specific turn of intention and mood to properly write about things that demand a sincere sobriety of mind. One such topic is the subject of ‘ the tsunami and catastrophes and God’. How to view that. Rather, how I view that ….based on my understanding of the scriptures and of God.

It is just that it is difficult to express correctly. One of those things where you must sidestep the cultural and personal mines in order to not cloud the air with debris from wounded hearts and souls.

And really, there is a time and season for all things, with the highlights being on meeting the need for relief efforts coming firsthand. I truly marvel at how much will there is to reach out and heal. And it has been something of awe-inspiring to see how popular blogs have lent themselves to the effort.

I don’t think that will end up a small thing once viewed from time’s distance.

2 thoughts on “We break for this Important Announcement”

  1. Stats from my visits will only show up if I drop in to comment on one of your posts.

    The rest of the time I still read every post through your RSS feed on Bloglines. 🙂

  2. How gratifying:) I am encouraged and spurred on. Thanks for the comment, Rodney.

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