We Live In Evil Days

And the proof of that is fresh in the news every day. So what is it this time?

Well, you know how the illegal immigrants from along the Mexican border have been a big problem. A big unresolved problem. But now, all they have to do is goad an American property owner ( more to be said on whether that is a contradiction in terms, later) and they get all the property FREE! That is right, …2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court. Read and weep, fellow citizens… it isn’t enough to pay our taxes for beneficence towards illegals… not that I protest that, but this punitive TYRANNY of our courts has got to be ended. There must be some rights left for a tax paying American citizen… some few rights somewhere…. But get these unjust judges off the benches. Get them removed before they dismantle the entire concept of a free American citizen.

Now, in a turnabout, the 70-acre property about two miles from the border is being given to two immigrants whom the group caught trying to enter the United States illegally.

The land transfer is being made to satisfy judgments in a lawsuit in which the immigrants had said that Casey Nethercott, the owner of the ranch and a former leader of the vigilante group Ranch Rescue, had harmed them.

“Certainly it’s poetic justice that these undocumented workers own this land,” said Morris S. Dees Jr., co-founder and chief trial counsel of the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., which represented the immigrants in their lawsuit.

Mr. Dees said the loss of the ranch would “send a pretty important message to those who come to the border to use violence.”

…..[that’s what their side says -I]…..

The surrender of the ranch comes as the governors of Arizona and New Mexico have declared a state of emergency because of the influx of illegal immigrants and related crime along the border.
….Mr. Mancía and Ms. Leiva were caught on a ranch in Hebbronville, Tex., in March 2003 by Mr. Nethercott and other members of Ranch Rescue. The two immigrants later accused Mr. Nethercott of threatening them and of hitting Mr. Mancía with a pistol, charges that Mr. Nethercott denied. The immigrants also said the group gave them cookies, water and a blanket and let them go after an hour or so.
Mr. Sutton settled for $100,000. Mr. Nethercott and Mr. Foote did not defend themselves, so the judge issued default judgments of $850,000 against Mr. Nethercott and $500,000 against Mr. Foote.

Mr. Dees said Mr. Foote appeared to have no substantial assets, but Mr. Nethercott had the ranch.

That is the story, folks. A fine, yes, seizure and forfeit of your entire property and worth, no.

This must stop. It must stop…but there is more evil afoot….

Remember the Kelo v. New London, the Connecticut case concerning the use of eminent domain? How could we forget? Well, the piggish politicians of New London just aren’t satisfied. No, their greed now extends to punishing citizens for even trying to get their day in court. Yep. For having the audacity to take the case to court, and the bad luck to lose, now “lawyers argued that because the takeover took place in 2000, the residents had been living on city property for nearly five years, and would therefore owe rent for the duration of their stay at the close of the trial. Any money made from tenants some residents’ only form of income would also have to be paid to the city.”.
That’s right friends and neighbors…. now if you have the audacity to try to sue for rights in court…you will pay bigtime. And the eminent domain will still be a sure thing for the government.[And the rich developers..let’s not forget them]

How long are citizens going to wait to do something tangible and efficacious to get rid of this travesty of justice?

Communism at least was straightforward about their seizures… but here in America we are told we have rights as citizens, we are told that we can be free to pursue happiness, we are told that we are the home of the free and the brave, but what we are not told is how our government will divest us of that and all we work for…. and if we are quiet little sheep we might be allowed to keep some. If someone bigger and more important, or someone on the favored list doesn’t want it first.

And here is the sadness of the entire story: we come to a place where we see Communism as the more fair and honest. Isn’t that absolutely ironic? The Iron Curtain falls, the Eastern Europeans and Russians freed from its clutches, and our own system is shamed. Shamed. By our own judges and local officials who cannot get their greed sated. Who must trample our freedoms for their unquenched thirst for power. It’s a sad day when they make Communists look good.

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6 thoughts on “We Live In Evil Days”

  1. How can we combat this? Which leaders can we trust? This is not the country I was born in anymore. Our military are heroes, our judges are nuts. Does anyone really read the constitution anymore?

  2. In our system we are our own leaders.

    I think we can mobilize to get the word out that we are not going to abide by these decisions, get moving politically to do something to deactivate the harmful outcomes, which means legislate strong controls for eminent domain,etc.
    We need to make sure that the representatives and the judges know we, as a people, are determined to vouchsafe our freedoms. Push, and do not tire until the iniquity is moved back. Raise voices, vote votes, and pass on a country worth serving and supporting to the coming generation.

    We are not victims, and we should not resign ourselves to the interlopers.

  3. I saw this too & it outraged me. How is it that we have lost the right to defend our private property from trespassers?

    You are right Ilona, we are our own leaders & we have to fight back. This country came to be because people did not take things lying down. We have lost our spirit as Americans.

  4. It is an outrage. But everyone who turns a blind eye because it doesn’t directly affect them are accomplices. If we do nothing about this… we deserve our fate.

    It just galls me to say that. But our complacency and apathy as a people has brought us to this. If we don’t do something about this blatant thievery of property we are going to see much worse things because of it. We handed the keys to our freedom to those who implement eminent domain in the name of greed. It is no public service to hand over land to those who did not work for it. Someone always pays. And right now we are paying ourselves into slavery for some feel good benefits. If you work all your life and end up owning nothing because the powers that be decide you shouldn’t have it … that’s slavery anyway you slice it.

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