Welcome Back, Blogging Again

There is a type of process that many bloggers go through, and some of us can totally identify with the stages that Samantha describes, although I do think it depends on how many different types of online social interactions you have engaged in. “I have at times been kind of obsessive, feeling like I need to somehow document every thought I have…..[later] it began to seem like a duty to produce something for them to read. I hated when I would get caught up in whether or not there were comments, or whether people agreed with what I had written. Sometimes I would allow that to dictate how I felt about myself that day. It can also take a lot of time, and be a distraction from other things that need to be done. ” However, this is mainly to re-introduce Samantha, who has blogged indifferent venues, but always with creative panache and a clear, individual voice.

Check out her 42 Things, part 1 for an introduction to Samantha,”No Spring Chicken“.

Read her blog… for however long she decides to share with us, and maybe encourage her to keep her voice in blog form for us to engage with 🙂

No Spring Chicken