What Are Our Values?

In discussing the problems with the idea that we shouldn’t give Muslims who shelter terrorist ideas and practice a place in the policy talks that would impact them ( on another site), the subject of our values came up.

I brought it up. I believe we hold core values as Americans. Some are intersecting sets with Christian values, but I was talking about those that are our basic values as a nation: like equality amongst fellow men, like freedom of expression. We have core values and those get occasionally debated in terms of paramenters, but the basics remain.

Do we think about what it is that we as Americans believe together? Perhaps we haven’t discussed this in the public forum enough. Perhaps we are coasting on presumption that we are all cognizant of what basic American ethcal values are?

Maybe some of us have skipped a step when we talk about Christian values, and some have closed their ears once they hear the modifer, Christian, attached.

What do we believe is good for mankind? For citizens? Maybe we wouldn’t muddle around in the issues as much, as a nation, if we placed more effort in the public discussion of ethics. Instead of acting like we all know what we are talking about.

I think it would greatly help in debates such as the immigration one that is coming up. The ninth hour is upon us to make some decisions…. are we equipped with the guiding principles of the who and what we are as a nation?

It gives a whole new emphasis to the United part of the the United States.

2 thoughts on “What Are Our Values?”

  1. After all “we hold these truths to be self-evident” don’t we?

    Thanks for the visit. You’d be surprised how little we disagree when i’m not having fun making mischief online… or maybe you wouldn’t…

    Be good!

  2. Thanks for the return visit:) I don’t know how surprised I would be, but there are things I like about you.

    …still can’t conceive of that licensing parents thing, tho’.

    Not many things raise my ire like that idea;) If I blow hot on a subject there is room for discussing- it is when I go cold that you need to brace yourself.

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