What Do Resolutions Tell Me?

I was reading some other people’s resolutions. I thought LaShawn’s were interesting. She had a few that I remember making at times in my life. i.e.
” Recapturing that on-fire-for-the-Lord attitude I used to have.
Engaging in deeper and more meaningful Bible study” and “More faith-based posts – Less political pontificating, more guidance on living the Christian life.”

It tells me she has been busy accomplishing goals, and is circling back in some ways… to what first fueled her in her endeavors. Her idea of more faith based posts is one that I had when ‘true grit’ most changed. It started out as a sort of homeschool/personal confessional then became much more political… then, finally, I had to put myself squarely in the religion category.

I have a few things to say about “recapturing”. You never recapture in the sense that I think such hopes are spoken. I have come around that spiral…never truly a circle… a few times and I now think that it is part of the process. Sort of like the journey described in ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. The reason I say you never really “recapture” is because the fire that replaces the first ignition of the soul is one of a deeper, heat retaining rather than spark filled fire. You become less of a firebrand and more of a furnace.

I think it is a pattern to be seen in Christians who are geared towards making a difference in others lives. The more one works to use the things of the world to serve God the more one is aware of just how much it is God and not those things which creates lasting and truly good change. The vanity of the world can become all too apparent sometimes.

At least that is my take of such things. I know that those who are concentrating on the same types of resolves that LaShawn expressed in these quoted hopes will reap great blessings in 2007. I am convinced that this is the timing of God’s visitation for just such endeavors. If you are one of those Christians who have struggled through the past few years, and in 2006 especially, you may well find the reason is training for what God wants to do this year.

You want more of God? He’s been waiting for you.