What Have We here?

What Attitude Problem?: As Quebec goes, so goes Canada… even if it’s downhill
points up something quite sad. All those remonstronces that ‘gay’ marriage is just about two people who love each other and not about reworking society, etc? What happens with all those fine vocalized aspirations?

The push to insist that Churches – and everyone else in society- should kowtow.

That is what many of these social movements are about; and yes, sometimes it is the fundamentalists. Yet, social engineering is rooted in the oppressive political philandering of the present day ‘Left’. With the quote “the legal struggle for queer rights will one day be a showdown between freedom of religion versus sexual orientation” exemplifying the battle plan of what is often portrayed as a simple “but why can’t people just love one another?” issue.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing eventually become more than a crying game when the clothes come off. You might find some of your most sacred institutions killed off. Is this the end of freedom of religion and traditional marriage as we know it?

Perhaps as we know it: officially sanctioned, if these voices get their way.

I have a question for those who consider the homosexual part of their life the only important part: Is it worth giving up the free marketplace of ideas and choice so your idea of “queer” can hold a privileged place?

2 thoughts on “What Have We here?”

  1. Good question. I think in a free society at least legal tolerance of diverse viewpoints has to be the rule. There is a societal contingent that wants to ban religious beliefs because those beliefs take issue with some other beliefs.

    I say that freedom should be the secular rule, and that the religious and those who may not even be the religious but see the broader implications should dig in their heels and fight for the right to express their beliefs. There is no logical coherence to the other side’s view. It feels free to enshrine one set of beliefs as appropriate in the name of tolerance, while suppressing the other and not recognizing that as intolerance.

  2. I ‘ll tell you what worries me, the change in semantics worries me. We have stuff that acts like religion but is called secular, we have what is called religion and is more like political party, we have what is called love and is just a power grab…. we have a newthink that is widespread and a herd/lemming mentality that is simply brutal.

    Every once in awhile you get someone who slips and betrays their true intentions like the “showdown” quote.

    And that is the time to move forward with the truth.

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