What the Internet does For Me


It still introduces me to people who are amazingly bright and knowledgable. People that I would never otherwise have the opportunity to “hear”. I am able to look at conversations that are filled with interesting ideas, and couched in words that are crafted with skill.

It’s fun. Of course, I had to give up entertaining thoughts that I was one of those…but it was worth it to have the pleasure and the priviledge of touching base with those minds, seeing their creativity and artistry.

Of course, there is always spam, too. I guess there is no picnic without some ants……
But then I think of how the weblogs.us people offer free space for this blog, and the free email I use, the graphics artists who give out their work for the enjoyment of making it …. and I go back to being very amazed. Human Beings have so much potential.

I know that sounds trite. Maybe it sounds trite because we are jaded to the wonder of what it is that sets man apart in the universe. Maybe we are buying into the idea that man is no more than chance molecules and amounts to no more than his ashes.

And then I read some poetry or read some account of heroism, or view a well-done webpage…yes it can be as mundane as that, and I am impressed.

Maybe I am too easily impressed. But maybe I have flashes of revelation.

Because I am a human being.

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