What They Don’t Get

In all the many discussions on fundamentalism, extremism, on the fanaticism of religion, what many don’t get is the most basic…..

The human soul desires to worship. It has a hunger and thirsting so powerful, that even when dealt with in the most ascetic of lifestyles, the one which would strip off every religious thought, rationale, or leaning, it will surface. It will emerge, though disguised, to betray that inner emptiness that demands to be filled. Somehow.

This deep desire to worship drives the eye to seek beauty, the hand to create art, and the mind to consume. And until that is recognized the discussions will not arrive, but will keep twirling in dervish circles hoping for some enlightenment.

You want to worship something.

….. and the fearful thing is that there are so many things offered for worship. There are so many cards playing to the game that it has become. They say sex sells. But I say it is not the sex that is selling something, but the need for worship that is out there throwing the currency of life in a mad drive to buy something to fill the void. Sex is just one of the things false advertisers use to lure you in to the bait and switch. To take all and to leave nothing in the return.

And so the maddened attempt to suppress the desire, to divest oneself of that which hooks one in. But they don’t get it. You may no more suppress the need to worship than you can the need to breathe. Your heart gasps and requires intake.

It is not strange then, to see the concept of breath and of spirit to intertwine in scripture.

Take your deep breaths, but beware of the atmosphere.

Only one is lifegiving. Search the whole universe over, only one will sustain.

Search for that in your worship.

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