What’s What

I fixed my pagefile problem- it wasn’t too hard after finding the right directions to follow. The best one was WindowsDevCenter.com: Defragmenting Your Pagefile. Then I defragged the machine. Why not? Everything is running much better now. I ddin’t even have to look at anything in DOs or in Safety mode -yay. Just the control panel where they ask you to do scarey things you have never done before. You have to have faith that it will work after you go past that warning that people who know what they are doing should be the only ones to pass there…… Like ” Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

On the personal front, my cousin is in the hospital and I want to visit him, which along with all the other things means further putting off blogging in earnest. But you know… the world will get on without me;)

I went to my fil’s ninetieth birthday party last night. I am just the social butterfly.

I took all the kids to get hair cuts today. I used to do all that myself, but they somehow don’t go for that anymore. They now look like human beings- joke. They all look nice.

Heard that the schools were going to try that stupid desegregation that didn’t work the first time- and got all mad about it. Afraid I spouted off publicly ( see I should be blogging!) If they just put all that bussing money in better teachers, teacher salaries, alternative schools and supplies…. that would benefit the poor inner city schools. Not the ridiculous money pit of bussing kids all over the place. And why doesn’t that work? Because when the core problem is within people they find a way around- After they ‘desegregated’ the city schools they experienced ‘white flight’. The problem with poor black school districts is not that they have to be sent to the white schools or vice versa. The problem is that they need parity in being given the best educational prospects possible and encouraged to take advantage of it. Sitting on a bus for half your day won’t do it. Good education, and good jobs later, will do more to mix the races. Put the educational money where it will make a real difference for people.

I could go on. But I won’t.

The autumn rains have started here. I finally got a chance to go to the plant store and they are almost completely sold out. I wanted to buy two trees. I’ll try to carve out time to go to another place. Fall is a good time for planting trees and you can put them in fairly late.


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