What’s With This?

Why am I reposting old writing…. instead of fresh new insights? I hope you don’t mind, but those are things that remain true, and anyway, some of why I write things down is that I like to revisit those parts of my life and thinking. They are things I have felt deeply.

Have I run dry? Oh, mercy, no! Not nearly….. it takes alot to run dry this river of verbalization! I sometimes used to wonder about people who answered “nothing” when you asked them what they were thinking…. I used to believe they were lying to me, because I always have something cooking or grinding gears in my mind. But some people aren’t lying….. they really have a blank.

And you, dear readers of the truegrit blog, get the result.

that could explain the paltry numbers here…..

No! Build it and they will come. They made a movie from that; it has to be based on almost-true life.