Where The Battleground Is

I was looking at some war theory, that traced the ways warfare has been waged over the major wars of the past, and in looking at the stage that it was theorized is being formed, if not being used now, I realized something.

Lots of us think that the battleground is ideology, but it’s not. That is not where the battle is fought today. Right now the battle is fought on the ground of truth.

If you look at the ideologies, no matter which side, especially in politics, you won’t find a love of truth, instead you see a loyalty to the platform of that side. It can be regardless of truth and truth will be tweaked to support the unbroken front of the platform.

But truth is what is needed. And emotional peddlers of mythos who appeal to sentimental attachment, that enshrine ideals void of reality, are not the friends of truth.

The battle now is to cut away the confusion, to clarify the stakes, and to hook on to solid truth. To that end the dialogues and the debates are fundamentally important, as are all the conduits of true information.

Although it was presented as new warfare…. I have my doubts about how new, the newness being more in the way of emphasis and purposeful implementation.

After all, a long time ago, there was a man that -faced with truth- said “What is truth?” The idea that, nothing’s happening here, there is nothing to view or think about….. It is the height of evasive tactics. Which truth will survive eventually, but the question for us, is will we stand fast with it? Will we refuse to let go of the truth, and to keep seeking to refine our understanding of it? Will we be brave in the face of the crowd, even our own crowd to desire …. simply… the Truth?

On 5th Generation War :

If traditional war centered on an enemy’s physical strength, and 4GW on his moral strength, the 5th Generation of War would focus on his intellectual strength. A 5th Generation War might be fought with one side not knowing who it is fighting. Or even, a brilliantly executed 5GW might involve one side being completely ignorant that there ever was a war. It’s like the old question of what was the perfect robbery: we will never know, because in a perfect robbery the bank would not know that it was robbed.

At tdaxp.

So the question isn’t whether you are conservative or liberal, whether Republican or Libertarian, or even whether you are American or European. The question is are you willing to find the truth and uphold that?

And if you don’t? It will catch you up, that’s what. Your sin will find you out.

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5 thoughts on “Where The Battleground Is”

  1. This seems absolutely true.

    We are awash in a stream of rhetoric, with every one of the shouters seeking to control perceptions. But when you look at the reality, it is shockingly different from the rhetoric.

    Long ago we were told “By their fruits you shall know them”, and that will never change.

    If we want to understand what a politician really supports, we need to look at what measures that politician is supporting and what problems he is studying in order to find reasonable solutions to them.

    The international situation is one in which more than ever, we need to abandon ideology and look at reality, and most of all, our duty to others who exist.

    The relativists constantly talk about how individual truths differ, but a dead body is a truth every one should understand. We are at the brink of an abyss, and it is because we have created a political country in the west that is founded, absolutely rooted, in not speaking any truths that hurt. But you have to be able to recognize the wounds before you can heal them, and diagnosis is often a painful process.

  2. Where to begin after living simplistic hermit-style outage of a life without a degree. Since I took cash for my home and rental I am on a quest for financial security. The county has stated intentions to build a road to my gate so it can begin raising taxes,, but I don’t mind. I plan to sell again and take profit. Stocks are going well with solar energy and propane outperforming AAPL… Who’s complaining?

    I live as simply as a Budhist, though its not declared. Many experiences are simple observations and lessons. I have not had ultra-complex, and culturally knitted knowledge pushed down my throat so I am able to intuitively react to stimuli… at least that seems to be the gist anyway.

    My problem is living off-grid, getting a pump to run on 2500W inverter, budgetting solar panels and a 900W wind turbine and keeping perspective on living vs. dying. Solving technical problems is so finite. There is urgent need to go forward and no room for failure. Adjusting lifestyle is anticipated. I do this privately as an individual.

    Would it be possible to ask everyone to pull-back just 50% and make room in this world for unborn and disadvantaged people, and animals? Hardly.

    In my estranged view, Christian theology is warped from a handed-down crusade from a citadel in the Mediteranean. You people are all very convoluted and falsely occupied with capturing an essence of being that is inherently false. Were Santa a real saint, then Christmas would be endowed with significant wisdom and character. But it is the backside of bloody and there is nothing you can do about it, except change within yourself.

    Nothing is worth fighting for in a sustained world of logic and goodwill. It can be obtained or attained peaceably. Unfortunately we are not quite there yet. Will it always be religion that keeps peoples apart? Pull back into a less extreme form of rightousness than Christianity. You do not serve a citadel of God,, serve others and yourself. Enjoy a nice warm sunny day and the song of birds and nature.


  3. Consider the fraility of life and nurture it. Serve it and enjoy it. It is everything, and it is to be shared commonly with decency and love. Not rightousness for wants of a citadel of faith.

  4. You have said many things that could be discussed, but perhaps one answer for them will suffice. We do not live in Eden anymore.

    You do the things you do unencumbered and unmolested because you can. I don’t begrudge you that, I do disagree with your view of Christianity. I see it as quite holistic, it addresses both the search for good and the battle against evil.

    What would you do if faced with the horsemen? And what would your sense of duty be to your fellow man?

    At some point you cannot simply pull up stakes. At some point you must stand.

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