Where’s My Virtue?

I waste time. Sometimes curiously, sometimes to vent tension, and while I have no idea what has contributed to this latest bout …. I have followed links on other’s blogs that then led me down the primrose path….
Anything but Ordinary led me to the creativity test where I scored a 77.4 or something like that. High in Boldness,Complexity,Paradox and Curiousity; rather low in Abstract, Connection. She has the nifty graphic of her results…. I don’t. Then on to the punctuation game.

The other day I spent bunches of time making fake picasso’s from following the Ocean Guyto Mr. Picassohead. I never was much for abstract art. Not that I can’t appreciate it, I just can’t work with it. But hey.

4 thoughts on “Where’s My Virtue?”

  1. No. And for good reason: I have no intentions of thinking of myself in the Libertarian party context / I mean, think about it…if you get a 37 -which has to be fairly low on the scale, right? And it tells you “Doubtlessly you will become more extreme “… isn’t that just propaganda?

    hey. I may look at online tests in a whole new light from now on…..

    I like stuff that tells me I am intelligent or cute…. keeping up my own form of propaganda… “see, I AM smart… I am identified with Cate Blanchett”.


    But here’s an idea: list your favorite quizzes in a post. Heaven knows we took enough of them.

  2. Propaganda is everywhere, Ilona. I said in my blog that since 9/11, everyone alive has been getting a crash course in propaganda.

    However, taking these tests is more amusing than anything else, and I didn’t think this one was too bad…if you answer “yes” to any of the questions you are taking teensy steps along the path to libertarianism, after all. 😉

    (On a related topic, what did you think of the reports of the treatment of Iraqi POWs?)

  3. “I said in my blog that since 9/11, everyone alive has been getting a crash course in propaganda.”

    yikes. Missed that. Will go over and read through better. That is a good observation.

    Now the online tests are actually something I like to do better on the Forums… quicker response and mutual comments. I think the blogs use those “memes” for the same sort of interaction. Have you looked at any of those? Anything that caught your interest?

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