While I’m Leaving The Angels Far Behind

you know. Where angels fear to tread…. you know who goes there…..
And I get on these rolls…. it is what makes me fearless at times. I don’t care anymore… I don’t care what you think, or what seems rational, is it truth or not? That becomes my question and I step forward.

Now what is it?

Instead of doing the reasonable thing of shutting down my computer and going towards the clothing piles in my room ( oh yes, another revelation)…. I went to Julie Leung‘s. That wasn’t untoward in the way I felt. Julie usually has very uplifting things. But today she had hard truth. The kind that just hits you in your gut and winds itself up your backbone.

She wrote about child molestation.

I am in no state to comment, but I am leaving this trail of crumbs in this post:

“The real evil isn’t the Hitler. The evil is the good German. The evil is all those people who could’ve just picked up the goddamn telephone and stopped it.”
quoted from Lawrence Lessig

One thought on “While I’m Leaving The Angels Far Behind”

  1. Her question about “where is God” is what affected me the most. But God’s justice, unlike human justice, is perfect. Those so impaired have from our perspective a terrific and sometimes unbearable burden under which they labor. But God, who rewards one according to one’s deeds relative to one’s means, is a greater, wiser and more merciful judge. In our eyes a person who merely spends their lives fighting, and often losing the fight, against the effects of such abuse is a failure. God may find such a person triumphant. In the ultimate life, their strengths will be shown and the impairment will be gone.

    Her article is an example of why being willing to be offensive or controversial is not necessarily wrong. To engender controversy without cause is un-Christian, yet there will always be someone to tell you that you are speaking intemperately, even while you stand in between the intended victim and the intended executioner.

    Another way to put this is that this is why free speech must be truly free for us to be able to work for a just society. The worst crimes are the ones we can hardly bear to discuss.

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