Why Blog?

Spoken back in ’02, but the blogger is still at it today. Maybe motivations of self-expression and self improvement make for more longevity in this blogging endeavor.

I’m glad to see somebody finally gets it because, frankly, I’m sick of reading stories about weblogs where the author implies that our [webloggers] brains are all made of Swiss cheese and we really should throw in the towel and go back to watching cartoons.

A point he seemed to miss though. Some of us like to keep weblogs as a means of self-expression. This aspect has a really big reward system intrinsic for me. I have said before that art is it’s own reward

Carol, World Leader, is still blogging with sensitive artful pictures such as this:

with some thoughtful posts such as “Sitting in Silence” ( from which the picture is viewed).

I really enjoyed her expression to the world, today.