Why The Interest In Politics?

Some people like to play safe …they don’t talk politics or religion, they gravitate towards feel-good topics. There is alot of common ground on those. Others love to debate on the controversial ground of those two subjects that good manners label taboo, but they are loyal about it. They mostly have a specific category:Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian,Left…something like that or religious: Reformed, Catholic, Evangelical. As long as you color inside your lines you are going to have fairly predictable reactions.

Ever think about that? Much?

It gets more complicated when you are a woman, and when you are Christian. Then there are just so many toes to step on in the crowd! Why do it?

In todays culture wars there is an awful lot of topic that affects your family. So, even if you were to believe that your jurisdiction in life is relegated to only the family sphere, you would still be called up by your own convictions to venture into the fray. If you have some of the really far-reaching ideas that each voice makes a difference of some sort in the society and how it goes. Well, then you have a recipe for…blogging. Especially venturing in thought about things that are outside the lines.

Big Boys and pundits probably don’t have a lot of patience with that.

But as a Mom you learn that the little guys grow up and eventually rule the world. That is why someone came up with the “hand that rocks the cradle” proverb. Little guys only take the rulebook handed to them so long before they ask the hard questions… and need more than the hardline in response.

I wish someone had pointed out that fact in the early years of my parenting. It took me a long time to circle round. Some people think nurturing and hammering coincide. Here is a hint: they don’t.

What does nurturing have to do with talking politics? Let me spell it out for you, and you could get some kinesthetic learning by writing in the sand…. family is important, including the larger group of your nation. There needs to be effort made to communicate. To discuss the policies.

That’s all. I have a related question, though.

In the Conservative roar about Durbin’s comments and other MSM related matters… there is alot of talk about loyalty in terms of supporting the troops against the enemy and supporting the war effort, etc.

It is similar sounding to WW2 expressions. I have a bit of something…. there is no congressionally declared war at this time, or did I miss something? In some of these more modern warfares we have moved onto a different set of qualifications for war, haven’t we? We commit, but we don’t really. It is sort of like common law marriage with the world. We aren’t really in this thing, but some of us act like we are… and we are certainly giving lifeblood and money as though we were.

Yet isn’t it a war with euphemistic necessity? If we really said we were at war…who with? Muslims. And that gives it a problematical turn. But as long as we are in this without strong basis for committment, aren’t we asking for some of the ‘turncoat’ sort of talk from elements in the society who never gave their assent to the degree that it starts to demand?

Isn’t this part of our problem? And is there anyway out of this? If God is merciful to us in this thing, we will have a turn of events that allows us to accomplish th emajority of the goal and retract from the area. Then we won’t have to descend into the difficult matter.

Although that won’t save us from the next time we decide to be policing the world.

Where are all the advocates of freedom and democracy? What happened to France, and what is happening to the UK? Where are the proponents of a free world?

I don’t want to think about it anymore.