Winning Me Over- Linky Love Goes Out

I used to think you couldn’t forge friendships over the internet. I still tend to be leary, but blogging is beginning to convince me otherwise.

I see kindness and generosity of spirit, real effort made to understand and reach out. Maybe I am overly grateful at this time and it clouds my vision? I don’t think so. It seems that there are such gems of people and it has enriched me.

OK, this is probably that honeymoon stage that relationships go through and I am on one with blogging. But Certain Slant of Light, Bernard Higgins, What Attitude Problem Greg, Maxed Out Mama of Georgia, Julie of Seeds and Sprouts, and others in the making -those Bonnies and Roberta…. You all put some of the sparkle in the blogosphere…..

I should never start this, because I really like so many bloggers, as writers, geeks, and people….. there is Muzikdude…. and how about that Parableman? He patiently answers all comers in a constant stream of interesting topics….

3 thoughts on “Winning Me Over- Linky Love Goes Out”

  1. Thank you and do trust that such friendships in the blogospshere can be real and sustaining, and do not have to go through something akin to a “product lifecycle!” I’ve found this to be true thus far and I am encouraged by it. Meanwhile, continue your writing, as I’m a fan!

  2. Ilona, thanks for the pleasant compliment. I don’t know how much sparkle I add. Mostly I try to present simple earthy colors. In all honesty, I envy the way you always find such a diversity of things to chat about. Are you sure you don’t take blog-writing-stimulants in some kind of magic pill form — because if you do, I want some of the same.

  3. Roberta, there are many forms of toned? The sparkle of dew upon a leaf, glintings within granite, jagged quartz crytals, the brightness of a painted desert on clear sunny day.

    Much to love:)

    Blog-stimulant: the product of an overactive mind.

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