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Allthings2all: Allthings2all Special: An Interview with Nancy Pearcey

I began having questions about whether or not Christianity was really true. Back then, most churches did not teach any kind of apologetics, so I did not get any solid answers to my questions. Eventually I decided that the only intellectually honest course was to reject my faith, and try to make an objective search through various religions and philosophies to discover which one was true.

Once we understand this pervasive split, we will realize that “objectivism” and “subjectivism” are each only part of the story. As Christians, we want the complete truth.

This has become an issue today among Christians who adopt the label postmodern. They tell us that the church must leave the modernist age behind and move forward into postmodernism, or risk becoming irrelevant. But this is based on the mistaken idea that modernism and postmodernism are sequential stages in history. In reality, they coexist within the same two-track divide

Ever been there? You will likely enjoy this interview… with a woman known as “one of the few female public intellectuals in evangelicalism.”

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