Yep, Republicans Should Worry A Little

I’m telling you as a conservative Ohioan, heads up ppl.

The Sentinel at The Ohio State University- The Open End

Trying to tap into Ohio citizen disdain for the scandals plaguing state government, Reform Ohio Now is trying to harness this frustration and use it for their political gain. The coaltion, which is comprised of labor unions and Democratic-leaning activists is marketing itself as a bipartisan effort to change Ohio politics.

According to reports, one of the first to start circulating petitions for Reform Ohio Now was Jan Fleming. Fleming, who in this recent news story is being dubbed as merely a seventh grade school teacher in Clintonville. But upon further inspection, the article neglects to inform its readers that Fleming is an activist as well with a liberal group by the name of Uptown Progressives.

The group has come up against oppostion from Republican leaders and a group by the name of Ohio First has formed to oppose Reform Ohio Now’s proposed state amendments. Things are so bad right now for the state government in terms of the scandal plagued Taft administration, that in light of this, U.S. Rep Deborah Pryce seems to think that Reform Ohio Now will be able to have their way no matter what. She has advised GOP leaders not to waste valuable resources in opposing the amendments.

I grew up in the Clintonville area, where they say Jan Fleming is located. Do not underestimate these people. They are serious about their politics and many come from the University in influence and sometimes the educational establishment. This is as close as it gets in this part of Ohio for grassroots activism.

When I lived there ( early married years) I used to kind of sadly laugh at the California transplant who ws my neighbor. I really liked her, and we were friends, but she was always frustrated by how slow Ohioans were to mobilize.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t or don’t know how… it just means they have to be strongly behind something…. and Republican politics here stink. They stink. Many of us are ready to go Independent. I’m considering, although I am firmly behind the President.

Just not enough to keep voting for what they offer up here in Ohio for local politics.

C’mon…just look at the statistics on our taxes, our education system, our economic climate.

And we’re being hit hard in other areas. Yes, the winds are risin’ -but that doesn’t mean we want red herrings, straw men, and meaningless redistricting.

We do want change. Lots of us…increasingly…. want some of that. It could whip either way, and Dems should be careful what they advocate… that could turn and bite them.

It’s ripe for Independents.

2 thoughts on “Yep, Republicans Should Worry A Little”

  1. I don’t see what we Ohio Republicans have to worry about. Taft and Co. have done such a lovely job representing our interests that surely no one could find a complaint with their impeccable trackrecord.

    Honestly, I’m getting to the point that I consider anything that will remove our current “Republicans” from positions of power a good thing. Smash it all, then build up something worth putting in office, and mobilize behind that.

  2. My sentiments exactly. They betrayed our trust and made a shambles of this state. The name of Taft has become execrable and anyone connected with him.

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