Yes, Our Hearts and Prayers Are With You

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The image I have in my mind this time, is again of people hugging – people clinging onto each other – again – total strangers, united in this bond of tragedy that is bring together thousands of people who left their homes this morning, oblivious to the fact that their lives were about to change for ever.

I have other images imbedded in my mind. The descriptions on the radio news has been graphic in its detail. I dare not turn on the TV. I am typing this through a veil of tears as it is..

Please join me in praying for all those people who are caught up in this terrorist attack on London. For the victims, their families, for those un-accounted for. For the medical teams and emergency services who have the aftermath to deal with. For the Police (of which at least one is known to us personally) and for those who are awaiting news. Be with them all, each and everyone.

PS We have now heard from our family members in London. All are accounted for. Our neice’s husband is a Police Officer there and is, as you can imagine, experiencing some very challenging situations there at the moment.

I do hope you and all the attendents of the Vineyard Re:fresh find a oasis of refreshment and strength in your weekend away.

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  1. Ilona,

    Yes, my freind – we had a great time at Vineyard Re:fresh

    It was, as you say, a true oasis of refreshment and strength.

    God Bless you, and keep you, and may his light shine upon you.

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