You didn’t Realize You Invited Me

I know this has parallels with the devil. Ok, so be it. However, when a blog has sterotypical tar-brushing of things ‘Christian’…. I put on my little Crusader cape ( kept in the closet, but handy for such occasions) and step into the arena.

I just do it nine times out of ten, even when I think, ” Here we go again…should I ?” It’s like oh well, why not. One for posterity. I’m kidding there, ok? but just sort of. I’ll do the same thing if you are being really unfair to Muslims, and I almost always do it when scent of Anti-Semitism arises against the Jews.

I just have the nose for it, and a real aversion, as well. Plus, it is one of those things that I think oils the slopes for oppression.

And I always wear combat boots online, although I might remove them at your door as a courtesy. Depends.

Just in case you were curious and just so you know where I stand.

2 thoughts on “You didn’t Realize You Invited Me”

  1. But if you don’t who will? And if no one contradicts people when they spout nonsense, instead of real tolerance and acceptance all we will be left with is a few untouchable groups.

    Real democracy hurts, it rubs, it chafes and it feels like a sandy bathing suit. The alternative is a lot like having your legs chewed up by wolves.

    So be the grit of democracy, True Grit!’

    On what blogs are they slamming Christianity?

  2. I don’t wade into the ones where I know it will be rampant because I just don’t have the energy for it, but I regularly come across those who are either smacking around ‘fundamentalist’ without thinking about what they are saying. If you go into liberal blogs with atheist authors or commenters you sometimes have opinions that are anti-religion and especially slam Christianity, as a whole.

    There are times I pass on by, and times I leave a comment.

    I am not a truly benignly ‘tolerant’ person, though. I wouldn’t categorize myself in that way,

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