You Will Miss Me When I’m Gone

Sure you will! I have family stuff for the weekend and more…. so my incessant bloggery will have to stop.

…love to all who took time to comment, and blogroll me. You kind souls!

7 thoughts on “You Will Miss Me When I’m Gone”

  1. You’re not talking about quitting altogether, are you?

    Sure take a break – RL trumps blogville every time – but don’t quit. People who are thinking very seriously about the fundamental issues of our time are rarer than rare.

  2. the Love! or ? No, it was only a weekend thing..and hotels have internet access:)

  3. Come and eat your fill of fluff…no, I don’t mean that:) They sure don’t give you much time in the hotel before someone comes along and needs to do something with their phone card or whatever.

    I returned to snowy(!) Ohio .

    …and of course can’t keep away from my blog.

    I love my blog:)…because of all the nice people who visit it, and even if some of the not so nice ones visit- that’s good with me.

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