Ze Hype, Bebe

Look at this phrase:”The Culture of Life”.

I mean, really look at it, folks. The Culture Of Life.

Ok. Besides the obviously illogical construction of the thought…like what do you know of a Culture of Death? or is there culture without life or odd thoughts like that…. it holds a whole world of innuendo that somehow people in this so-called “Culture of Life” are a fanatical monolithic group ready to crush the death out of you… make everyone LIVE. How awful.

Because we all know that starvation is beautiful….. and enforced thirst, wow. that’s exciting. They are all the same in their horrible determination that life is good. They are going to stop our choices of killing…. and worse what do they think of children dying in war? And what do they think of victims of gun violence? and…and ..why can’t they leave killing to the experts and stop all this talk about Life. Why don’t they all go back to sleep and let US, whoever the great US is, get on with the architecture of our brave new world? That is what we mean when we say peace “leave us in peace” and stop yammering at us about life, and dignity, and …and all that cumbersome, boring, irritating stuff.

But wait. If you can, just wait a moment and consider this: what if the questions about life are important to discuss? and what if all of Culture is truly about the Living and having Life? what if that is really what everything is about? And death is outlined by the type of life and the view of that life?

Then we aren’t talking about a crazy monolithic sort of group anymore, are we? Then we are just people talking together about how we want our lives viewed and how we want to work together on that.

And then the phrase, Culture of Life, has some meaning…when it is all of us together.

and quit with ze hype.

-thanks to Instapundit for the inspiration. 🙂