ZeitGeist On The Wall

This just goes to show what you can come up with if you go looking….

green olive tree writes:

“Even the MSM recognize the vibrancy of Evangelicals.”
A Mormon president? don’t count on an Evangelical support base!
Stones Cry Out

“Would Evangelicals Support Mitt Romney?”

I wouldn’t personally compare this guy to Reagan or the reasons that Christians supported Reagan’s presidency….. and the answer to your question is “no”.

I like being female and all… most of the time…. but a world gone all femme is just wrong wrong wrong….

The Black Kettle

“A new edition of the Gospels of the Bible for the first time shows Christ as a woman, named Judith Christ of Nazareth, and God as female. In all other respects, the classic texts of the Gospels remain unchanged.

This new Bible includes: The Parable of the Prodigal Daughter, The Lady’s Prayer….”

but we all like to think weirdly at times, don’t we? I do. Here’s some stuff to get you going:

The Black Kettle

Scientists discover third eye – the center of telepathy and clairvoyance

“The fact of the third eye’s existence can be found in modern embryology”
“The photographic film placed in a light-proof envelope, was put to the forehead, and the film started developing required images. The test revealed that certain people are capable of radiating so-called brain images somewhere from the forehead.”

Time Hath Found Us

“Our universe may not be all it seems. There is evidence that, in spite of what we all learned in school, one can not divide matter or time by half forever. There is a physical limit where time, at least, can not be further divided.”