2nd Amendment Second Issue Up

Groups call arms seizures ‘arbitrary’

By Joyce Howard Price
September 23, 2005

“Two national gun rights groups yesterday joined individual Louisiana gun owners in a federal lawsuit to stop authorities from confiscating firearms from private citizens in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

Two Issues For Review

Americans have a full frontal attack on all their rights, and it is really unclear how this will end up. We have lost property rights in the Eminent domain rulings, The lawlessness of New Orleans has somehow become cause for disarming citizenry. Our status as citizens and rights to rule ourselves are actually compromised by our governments stagnation on enforcing immigration law. Many religions rights have simply fallen off the screen, but there are questions in the wings on that issue as well.

I am at the point where I just wonder…”What can be next?” It is just an utter onslaught.

After Katrina

This disaster is going to take much more to recover from then most people realize. I am sure of that. It is going to require hard decisions… and it is going to distract from some of the more abstruse items of the laws.

I am getting angry and impatient with those playing the race card on a national disaster, and those promoting their political interests. It just increases the sufferings of people that are trying to reconstruct their lives. But I guess it is showing the underbelly of our country, as well.

It is our just desserts for idolizing celebrity status, for elevating the most inane. Talent, charisma, and leadership are not interchangable qualities, and no time is that more clear than during a disaster.

Immigration and Gun Rights are going to go to the top of the list as we try to figure out how citizens can expect to keep order and how to pay for everything.


On the international scene… just keeping an eye on Israel. That situation could be much more than it even appears at this moment, especially since we have all had our attention directed to the Gulf Coast for the most part.

Don’t stop praying yet.