7×7 meme

Brian @ reasonswhy tagged me for this meme…. so here goes.

1. Seven things to do before I die
2. Seven things I cannot do
3. Seven things that attract me to (…)
4. Seven things I say most often
5. Seven books (or series) that I love
6. Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would if I had time)
7. Seven people I want to join in, too.

Before I die
I. I’d like to go on some missions trips.
II. I’d like to set up an art studio if my vision holds out
III. Make an impact on the coming generation
IV. see the last part be more than the first part, per Job
V. finally finish the renovation of this old house
VI. Understand, come to peace, with some of the events of my life
VII. Create a family legacy -especially of traditions

Things I cannot do
I. Carpentry work
II. get people to do what I want
III. Swim well
IV. Math
V. Accomplish everything on my lists
VI. Keep on target for long
VII. Give people the time I would like to

Things that attract me
I. kindness
II. good conversation without having to fill all the spaces
III. an edge
IV. decent grooming without overconcern
V. spiritual fellowship
VI. serious, but able to have fun
VII. honesty

Things I say most often
II. just one question
III. actually
IV. Could you do me a favor?
V. Thank you
VI. I think….
VII. shoot

Books I love
I. The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer
II. Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
III. Garden books by Helen Van Pelt Wilson, John Brookes, Piet Oudolf
IV. The Lord of the Rings
V. Last of the Mohicans
VI. I love the Bible, OK?
VII. The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

Movies I watch over and over
I. Overboard
II. Last of the Mohicans
III. What About Bob?
IV. Tremors (my husband makes me-his favorite)
V. The Gods Must Be Crazy
VI. Monsters Inc, Shrek
VII. Indiana Jones movies

reasons why: Seven by Seven Meme

Seven people I want to join in, too :
1. Carol
2. Arethusa
3. Mark
4. Samantha
5. Kobayashi Maru
6. MoM
7. Matt

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  1. OK, I’m flattered… and on the spot. Busy week here, but you’ve got me thinking… and that’s a good thing! I’ll be back to this…

  2. off to check it out, Carol:)

    -Hope I didn’t inconvenience you too much, KM

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