A Better Storyteller… as in around the bar?

A Better Storyteller in Christianity Today quotes this response to the writing of author Donald Miller:

I’m a Jesus girl, but I also like to go out and do tequila shots with my friends. This is a book I can give to those friends.

I’m sure I’d like some of his books, but responses like that mean some balancing truth is in order. Bonnie, @ Intellectuelle has done a stand up job of reviewing the idea and the situation. Give it a read.

I’m a little behind in my writing here- but I plant to get some things out as we go into the weekend. ‘Christian Environmentalism’ and another look at ‘Blog Fatigue’ are the topics on my list.

Right now I have to run off to Curves. I really must. If you saw the rich creamy ice cream I ate today, you would understand.