A Father: Mark La Roi Steps Up

Because I started out at ‘upsaid’ in my blog life, not everyone knows how important the subject of “fathers” is to my heart. Many of my posts on that were lost. So when I saw how Mark La Roi so passionately exemplifies the heart of a father- I just had to direct you his way. Please read his post. Please.

Say What Now?: Abortion and dad

Abortion and: Dad, The second in a series.

You are the protector of the home. You are the warrior who will stand and defend his wife, children, extended family and home against all comers. You have the strong arm that lifts little children closer to the sky as they squeal with glee and sweeps your wife across the floor in a loving embrace. Everyday you deal with the separation from your family in order to go and earn the money that keeps food on the table, electricity for the lights, and a roof overhead. The world is fighting hard to change your image because the world always fights against that which is strong and good. The world recognizes that if it can turn the father away from what he was created to be, it can complete the destruction of the family begun by the feminist movement and continued by the welfare state.

…..You dad, are the barrier between your kid (and other kids) and a failing generation.

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  1. Thanks Ilona! While I didn’t have a very good father, I sat down and imagined what it would feel like if he had ever said “y’know, we could’ve aborted you!”

    Even now it makes my stomach turn.

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