A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

Tammy Bruce: Who’s Jonah? posted by “Maynard”:

Now this was an odd moment. I was visiting an interactive Internet environment, and had engaged in a philosophical discussion with an aggressively atheistic Englishman and a perplexedly agnostic Dane. I attempted to explain how my rational mind concluded that science could not account for the totality of human existence, and why the traditional Judeo-Christian framework could fill the void and enrich the world. The idea of an educated person speaking sincerely on behalf of religion seemed quite novel to these European gentleman, sort of like a talking dog.

This sounds very familiar. I suppose I should meander over to Ex-Christian.net once again if I can squeeze it in. Although there are some there, and certainly me, on my part, who have traversed these paths many a time.