A real post soon…

This is not a real post. The last week of posts have not been real, they are just virtual placemarkers as I try to update numerous webpage, blog templates, and troubleshoot. Today I deleted out extraneous stuff from the sidebars- still was getting adware problems. Right now I wonder if it wasn’t MyBlogLog? Until it gets figured out the page stays slimmed down. What good is social networking when it connects you into nasty exploits? Yeah, that is what I think,too.

I had an interesting visit from someone from my past. It was sweet, but a little hard emotionally. She doesn’t do internet, so probably won’t read this. I appreciated that she wanted to stop by and tell me how much I meant to her in her spiritual walk so many years ago. I have felt like such a failure in the past recent years, that while it doesn’t make “things all better” it is another positive voice. It was a little difficult to hear about different life changes… she and her former husband were dear friends of ours when we all attended the same church together. As time went by they moved, then divorced. Now I find out he was killed in an accident quite a few years ago. Belated mourning for a person who I knew at a better time of life. I have difficulty adjusting to what becomes of us, it being so very different than I had once envisioned.

This is the most difficult thing for me as a Christian, the stark contrast between the promise of what we are to be and the reality of what most of us settle for. Or invite. I don’t know yet what the proportions are, what is us? what is destiny? what is God’s plan?

Just out-loud thoughts.