A Season of Prayer

I will be writing some posts on prayer, and this is timely as today starts the first day of the Jewish Holy Season known as Rosh Hashanah-The Feast Of Trumpets:

September 23* – October 2, 2006
1 Tishri – 10 Tishri 5766
*begins sundown September 22

(Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown September 22,
Yom Kippur begins at sundown October 1)

Daily Bible Study – The Feast Of Trumpets
In the Christian world, Rosh Hashanah is known as The Feast Of Trumpets. Many Christians observe this festival for its Christian prophetic application – The Return Of Jesus Christ and the first resurrection (see Resurrections). Just as Christ, the Lamb of God, was sacrificed at Passover (in spring, in the northern hemisphere), for which The Lord instituted Passover to symbolize and foreshadow, it is very likely that His return will be at the time of the Feast of Trumpets (in autumn, in the northern hemisphere), for which The Lord instituted the Feast of Trumpets to symbolize and foreshadow.

There are some Christians who make this a special time of fasting and prayer, of seeking God for his revelation and guidance for the coming year.

If you need some topics for prayer this week, why not remember the plight of women in Islamic countries, especially the girls in the homeschools of Afghanistan.

The location of the mud-walled home school is semi-secret. Its students include five girls who once attended another home school nearby that was torched three months ago. The very existence of home-based classes is a direct challenge to anti-government insurgents who have attacked dozens of schools across Afghanistan in the past year, especially those that teach girls.

Girls are taught at a home in a village in Wardak province. Taliban attacks have targeted dozens of schools in the past year, especially those teaching girls.

“We are scared. All the home schools are scared. If I even hear a dog bark, I don’t open the gate. I go up on the roof to see who is there,” said Mohammed Sulieman, 49, who operates home schools for girls in several villages in the Sheikhabad district of Wardak province.

Freedom is not static, it is preserved and grows only with determined interest and vigilance. Literacy has always been a stalwart support of freedom, no wonder it is often suppressed by tyrants.

If we follow the example of the Jewish holidays we would start out engaging in reflection and moving towards repentance, we would seek to make our world a better place through reconciliation forgiving and asking forgiveness. We would hold a fast where we solemnly face our responsibility to God and to man…. and thne move toward the reward of such faithful introspection:Sukkot which this year is on October 06th, 2006 (15 Tishri).

The feast of Tabernacles!

“and you shall take of yourselves on the first day (of Sukkot) the fruit of a goodly tree, a palm branch, the myrtle branch, and the willow of the brook; and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God seven days”
Leviticus 23