Adrian,from the Proverbs

It has been a little while since I visited Adrian’s fine blog… and so I happened upon his edifying list of proverbs that were within the sermon outline he posted. Adrian’s Blog: AUDIO SERMON – Wise Speech from Proverbs
Wise Speech from Proverbs

-you can never get enough admoniton on the taming of the tongue. I would prbably be a better blogger if I read that over first thing in the morning every morning.
🙂 It was just good that I looked at it today.

He also had an excellent post in the ever ongoing, never tiring, cessationist debate.

I could say something about ‘beating a dead horse’, but I would have to spend too much time explaining it.

but Adrian carries on valiantly and patiently, and makes an excellent post on relationship in the meantime. Good show, old chap!

…or something like that