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Christian blogger Razorkiss liveblogged from Gulfport and promises to tell some of the stories, gives advice on those who must go back into the area:

“if you guys are thinking about going back – don’t, unless you don’t have a choice. If you do – bring supplies with you – LOTS of supplies. Okay?”

Others are starting to discuss the looting and the government duty and moral implications of what transpired in the tragedy of New Orleans.

Yes, that will be on the plate to discuss for awhile.

Maxed Out Mama has some of the stories and some advice as well. She lists some examples of what to take in the areas and how to be prepared to take care of yourself. “you have to bring enough gas for a round trip of close to 400 miles and and enough to use while you are there, plus your own food and water””groups that go in need to plan to fend for themselves and provide their own fuel, food, accommodations”
“Send trucks loaded with stuff like this:
Water, water, water, water
Food (Peanut butter, crackers, jelly, canned soups and canned meat. Canned stuff should have pop-tops. Dried fruit like dates and prunes. Powdered milk and oatmeal. Go for the compact, nutri[tion]ally dense stuff that needs no refrigeration.)
Clothes. I saw people in underwear.
First aid kits. Stuff like bacitracin ointment.
Mosquito repellent.”
But go to her site, she keeps updating and posting important information.

Here is something else that is going to get rigorous attention, As Bernard states it:

“There are reportedly 350,000 to 400,000 illegal aliens residing in Houston right now — the nation’s 4th largest city — and with more on the way; and Houston, earning plaudits from President Bush this week, has already taken in approximately 25,000 Katrina victims from Louisiana, placing most in the Astrodome, and the overflow in Reliant Arena. Think about that juxtaposition! Please, think about that! I’m here to tell you the illegals are getting a far better shake than America’s own dispossessed. And that’s not right.”

This will be something that pushes some hard decision-making to the forefront on America’s priorities. I think the present outreach of our nation is going to become untenable as time passes and we rise to meet the needs of the populace. The hurricane impacted so many, it seems as though it were a small nation – running across several states as it does.

You’ll see more accountability assessments as Bernard Higgins portends in this post

The Associated Press (AP) reports today that the “SOS” mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, is fuming “