..and you better listen to her Mama, too!

One of my early favorite bloggers is still a favorite. Radmila @ My 2nd Shelf Life has a terrific post on finding herself agreeing with David Horowitz. She often has down to earth advice with truths like this:

Doesn’t matter how “hot” you are, hooking up with a man who can publically humiliate a woman he claimed to love, is still a man who is capable of doing the same to you.

Women are stupid in this way.

But, a person who will act on base wants without thinking of how they’re affecting others will not exclude you from this fate.

~ about a certain famous someone, but true for any of us.

She has an interesting review on the movie,”Water” “one of Deepa Mehta’s forbidden trilogy” (and now it is on my list to see), and loves Bollywood movies-me too!

Radmila has a great new look to her blog, wonderful observations and stories… and real common sense. I know where she gets it- you have to read what her Mama has to say about things, too. You can’t go wrong listening to Mama.

Sometimes she has great recipes and how-to’s, sometimes links that interest you, and always some of the greatest pics… I don’t know where she finds them, but they are an entertaining part of her blog and how she puts the world together in perspective.

I have greatly reduced my blog surfing, but Radmila is one that I always enjoy.

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