Another Blogger Rises Again

This is a time of regeneration in the blogosphere as far as I am concerned. Two of my favorite bloggers are back to giving the public good blogginess… I already linked to Greg’s ‘Areopagitica’, and now Rusty’s ‘New Covenant’. He is newly situated on Typepad with a clean new look and promises to have a bit of a different emphasis than before, but no matter what Rusty writes about it is well-thought out, clear, with his own gracious, but bull-dog style ( He follows through on the entirety of the argument or thought process).

He has an excellent eye for taking beautiful photos, too.

One thought on “Another Blogger Rises Again”

  1. Arf! Arf! Arf! (Bulldog here)

    Thanks, as usual, for your very kind words. One of the reasons I came back online was for the stimulating conversations that the likes of you and Greg (among others) provide.

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