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For years I enjoyed a Firefox add-on called “JustBlogIt”, and it still resides in my browser as I try something new. It has been increasingly troublesome to use as times goes on and the browsers upgrade, etc. The something new is Scribefire. This is a little editor that has the same ability to grab snippets of what I want to blog about and enable me to publish a quick post, but is more like a full service editor with many functions I haven’t used yet ( like the buttons for adding from youtube and flickr). It is very similar to Windows LiveWriter, which I had also starting using to help stem the losses from posting directly into my blog.

I think I like ScribeFire better because it resides directly in my browser and because it seems to work better- but it is too soon to tell. It lets you publish pages to your word press blog, but I haven’t attempted any work on that- I will try it more after I upgrade my wp on my garden site, Ilona’s Garden.

Speaking of upgrading WP. I recently put an upgrade to 2.5.1 in an experiment blog I have- it went without a hitch. I am presently preparing to do the same with blogs that have lots of posts and plug-ins. It is so nerve wracking to do wp upgrades. In fact, I read a pitch for MT that favorably compares it on the basis of the upgrade process and a few other points. Both platforms have their drawbacks and their assets.

The formatting and coding that the editors use is a little cumbersome, I prefer the native blogging platform editor, which is what JustBlogIt brought up when it worked right. but, all in all, that is a small complaint; just something to get used to.

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  1. I tried using the plugin, but it got hung up in something on my host. I am not techie enough to figure out what so I just manually back up and upgrade. I am like a luddite techie hybrid.

  2. Sorry the plugin didn’t work for you. But if you can do it manually then all your losing is a little convenience.

    Now I need to looking at upgrading our blog…

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