Baby Communication

Ever hear of ‘Baby Sign Language’? Me neither. But look at this! I have always said that it is science that will blow holes in all the ‘pro-choice’ arguments. There will be more and more discoveries about how early humans are…well, actually human.

There is always alot of blather about ‘cognitive’ measurements, but this is one avenue that I think really starts to address how early little babies really learn about their world. And while there isn’t lots of research on it yet, mommies know how babies in utero interact as early as we can detect it. Until they have more on that, it is great that we have more information on early education ( with a whole new view of “early”!)

Baby Sign Language

Research shows that a sign communication long before vocal communication is attainable.

Allows a baby express more than their basic needs.

Jumpstarts linguistic, intellectual and literate skills at the earliest possible; even paradoxically, babies speak earlier than non-Signers..

Research shows that being multilingual expands cognitive processes and intellectual skills.

Reduces frustration and builds trust between a parent and baby. Less crying. Minimalizes the “Terrible Two”.

Builds closer bond with their parents and siblings. Enjoy the interactive experiences with newborn.

“Minimalizes the “Terrible Two”.”??? Wow, I could’ve used that ‘in the day’.

4 thoughts on “Baby Communication”

  1. yes, I’m ready for “science” to catch up with what believers already know about human life :o)

    I’ve heard of baby sign and we have used basic sign with all of our kids. It’s wonderful! I had a friend when my son was very small tell me that she used sign with her kids. I was fascinated and began using it with mine. Unreal the communication it unleashed for my son. Of course it does help to explain the signs to the nursery workers at church lol.

  2. That is so cool to hear that, blair. I wish I had been aware of this when my kids were little… it sounds like a terrific ministry for the Church, a real adjunct to the present signing in services and the expreessive worhip signing during worship.

    Your son is so blessed!

  3. My wife is a sign language interpreter and has seen young kids spell words in sign language, because that was the sign their parents used. When our daughter was little, we got tired of her saying “Uh Uh” for milk, so we taught her the sign for milk, and she started using it. Then we added please…and thank you. If you know sign, teach it to your young kids!

  4. …now that has to be genius in my book: adding in courtesy lessons 🙂 My husband and I took sign lessons… it just never occured to me to use it with the children. I don’t know why except that as a parent my attention was directed to vocal vocabulary.

    This seemed like such a novel idea to me, but here there are people who have been doing it all along!

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