Background Music

Background music is soothing, it is preparing our hearts in a type of openness to relate better. If we are dining we relate better to the dining experience and the food, if we are in church we are preparing our hearts to better recieve God’s Word and give God worship. Background music is often inculcated into many things in our culture.

Have you ever thought of a grateful spirit as a type of background music in our soul? I was thinking of certain types of people, people who inspire me to thankfulness or gratefulness in some way. They are grace-notes of background music in my life. In the blogosphere, even though we have little relating actually, out of all proportion to that one woman’s blog has provided me some of the background music that has lead me to give greater emphasis to thankfulness.

I am finding that thankfulness,and a spirit of gratefulness is key in so much of our relationship to God. Somehow, though I knew it on some level, but I had overlooked just how much this is a matter of great importance to God. And you know how much it matters in a relationship to be mindful of what matters most to that person!

And so…as we go into a week that revolves around America’s set time to give thanks to God, Thanksgiving, I want to thank Sam Pierce for being a faithful harbinger of the gratefulness of spirit that is very… key to a life lived in fellowship with the Lord, and with all those He loves. I appreciate the hospitality of her Cabin most every Thursday, as she has so often reminded me to be thankful.. with regularity and constancy.

We do not always know how much our small acts of hospitality have lasting results in someones life. But this is to let her.. and you… know and be encouraged.